Fox Lane

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Closes 26 Nov 2017


This consultation is an opportunity for you to comment on our plans for this area. We will review all comments and if appropriate consider any amendments to our proposals.

The document below provides a summary of our proposals. If you wish, you can download more technical drawings for this project.

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Statutory Consultation elements

  • Fox Lane N13- Introduction of speed humps
  • Bourne Avenue N14- Introduction of 'No Entry' restrictions
  • Parkway N14- Introduction of a 'Compulsory Left Turn'
  • Cannon Road N14- Introduction of a 'No motor vehicle' restriction (part-time) and disabled persons parking places
  • Devonshire Road, Grovelands Road, Lakeside Road and Old Park Road N13- Introduction of continuous footways at the junctions of the above roads with Aldermans Hill.

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5. Please provide any comments you may have on these plans

6. A number of the elements of this design are subject to statutory consultation (detailed in the dropdown section above). This consultation provides an opportunity for you to raise any specific objections on these statutory elements. If you have an objection please provide details below

7. Whilst not part of these proposals, additional planters could be placed along the length of streets, which could help reduce traffic speeds further. There placement would result in a reduction of on street parking. If you have a view on this approach please share below: